Fueling Success: Growing Consumer Awareness of Unleaded 88

How we promoted a budget and engine smart fuel with Ohio Corn & Wheat


Ohio Corn & Wheat (OCW) is a strategic alliance that works to secure opportunities for the state’s corn and small grains growers through public policy efforts, market development, consumer education, and other key priorities. One of OCW’s top priorities is increasing demand for and availability of Ohio-grown corn used in fuel production. With Ohio drivers hitting the road for summer travels, OCW turned to us to help educate consumers about Unleaded 88, a cost-effective blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline that burns cleaner and has higher octane.

Strategy and Tactics

In order to raise consumer awareness for Unleaded 88 across the state of Ohio, we developed a multichannel campaign to maximize exposure while driving home the benefits of this budget and engine smart fuel alternative. Tactics within this campaign included:

  • Developing and designing a landing page to educate consumers about the benefits and safety of Unleaded 88 and help them locate a station with Unleaded 88 near them
  • Developing tailored media pitches about Ohio’s Unleaded 88 story to secure placements in key media markets in Central and Northeast Ohio
  • Developing creative for a billboard to drive awareness for Unleaded 88 and securing placements near stations carrying Unleaded 88
  • Developing Facebook and Instagram ads to key consumer audiences in order to drive traffic to the landing page
  • Developing radio ads educating consumers about Unleaded 88 and its benefits and securing paid placements
  • Securing social media influencer partnerships with Ohio-based travel bloggers and content creators


Overall, the campaign was successful in raising consumer awareness for Unleaded 88 in Ohio across each of the identified channels. Our first goal was to secure positive, consumer-focused media coverage of Unleaded 88 availability that emphasizes the many benefits and positive impact of this biofuel. Our second goal was to position Unleaded 88 as the premiere choice in fuel for consumers and drive them to purchase Unleaded 88. Through earned, owned, and paid media placements, we were able to accomplish both of these goals.


We developed, designed, and assisted in purchasing a domain for the consumer-facing landing page, SaveWith88.com. We captured the following landing page traffic throughout the duration of the campaign:

website browser icon


landing page views
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Unique visitors from search

indicating traction for organic Google searches about Unleaded 88

Media Relations

Our team secured placements and interviews about Ohio’s Unleaded 88 story in the following outlets:

Traditional Media

We developed an eye-catching billboard and secured a placement in a high-traffic area of Columbus, Ohio, garnering the following impressions:

billboard icon


Estimated four weeks of impressions
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Estimated total impressions to date

December 2023

Digital Ads

Our team wrote, designed, and managed Facebook and Instagram digital ads targeted toward key consumer audiences. These ads generated the following results:

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landing page views
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people reached
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total impressions


We also wrote and facilitated a radio ad buy with Ohio iHeart stations WCOL and WNCI encouraging consumers to save money by grabbing the blue handle at the pump. In total, these efforts garnered:

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Influencer Relations

Finally, we secured partnerships with Ohio-based travel influencers @consistently_curious, @twogirlsonecbus, @ohiogirltravels, and @travelinspiredliving. In total, these four Instagram Reels garnered:

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